Bangour Trout Fishery

  • 12.5 acre loch with around 7 acres maintained for fly-fishing

  • Stocked on a weekly basis with big healthy hard fighting Rainbow and Blue trout up to 14lbs

  • Depth varies from nearly 30ft in the basin and along the dam wall to shallower waters of two or three feet near some pegs.

  • 33 fishing platforms for 28 anglers at any one time

  • Two piers are wheelchair accessible and extra width

  • All piers have a wooden seat box, litter bin and astro turf non-slip surface

  • Pan bottom Grey's fishing nets

  • Fishing lodge with hot drinks, snacks and microwave

  • Tackle shop, lounge and toilets

  • Hard surface car-parking

  • CCTV security system

  • Car-park opens before fishing starts to give you time to set up your rods and flies

  • Catch & release and catch & keep tickets available

  • Buffets available for group bookings and competitions

  • See other sections below for online booking facility and directions etc.



Bangour Trout Fishery is situated in the south-east part of Bathgate Hills, just 17 miles west of Edinburgh in West Lothian near the small village of Dechmont, surrounded by picturesque woodland.

Originally built in 1902 as a water supply for Bangour village hospital (Edinburgh War Hospital), it was stocked with brown trout to keep the water pure and the senior staff were allowed to fish here.

​The loch is 720 feet above sea level and holds 16 million gallons of fresh water which spills off into the Brox burn river when rain enters the loch from an 870 acre catchment area running from the 5,500 year old neolithic ritual site at Cairnpapple hill just a few miles to the west.




  1.  Catch & Release: Fish must stay in the water.  Do not touch fish with your hands.

  2. Barbless or de­barbed hooks only for all fishing permits

  3. Fly fishing only (wet or dry). Max 1 rod in use at a time.  Fishing only from where there is a seat box.

  4. Min 6 lb breaking strain line. Max hook size 8. Max 1 hook per fly. Min 2 feet between flies.

  5. No flickers, boobies, tandems, snakes, static lures or anything that won't pass through a fish naturally.

  6. To prevent loch contamination, use fishery provided nets only. No fish keep bags in the water.

  7. If a fish is damaged do not return it. Contact fishery staff. No charge will be made.

  8. '5 fish and move' - Give up your platform to someone else after 5 fish and move on


  1. Care for yourself.  Take responsibility for your own actions. The outdoors cannot be made risk-­free.

  2. Care for others.  Always show courtesy and consideration for other people. (e.g. No alcohol. No dogs.)

  3. Care for the environment, property, fish and other wildlife (e.g. ducks, swans).  Always use provided bins.



Summary of 2020 changes

We've introduced some changes to how the fishery operates for the time being.  Here's a summary:-

  • All sessions must be pre-paid online in advance of the day you want to fish - you can do this online below.

  • When you arrive at the fishery, please set up and then ring the bell at the lodge so we can check you in before you fish.

  • The lounge and shop will be closed for social distancing reasons but the W.C. will remain open.

  • We expect anyone suspecting they may have been exposed to or may have Covid-19 to stay isolated and not come to the fishery.

  • No guests, i.e. Paying anglers only allowed.  Please keep to social distancing guidelines of minimum 2m and outside at all times.

  • Bring disinfectant wipes and/or alcohol gel to clean your hands and the surfaces you touch.  e.g. fishery net handles.

  • It's obviously your choice whether to use a face covering/mask and take any other precautions you see fit e.g. gloves

  • All permit prices have increased by 2 pounds each to cover increased fish farm costs.

  • The fishery is now 'Barbless only' for both catch & release and for keep tickets.

  • We've introduced a fishery courtesy policy of 'Catch 5 fish and move' to give more people a chance on the hot platforms.

  • The fishery will be open every day through the summer except we'll close during the day on Fridays and all day on Mondays.

  • The fishery will be closed for 4 weeks during the peak of the summer heat when the fish are traditionally stressed. 

Opening times

  • Open Thursday May 28th through to Sunday July 12th

  • Closed mid-summer for 4 weeks.

  • Open Saturday 8th August through to Sunday November 1st 

  • Closed for winter.

  • Re-open March 2021.








8:30am to 5pm

8:30am to 5pm


8:30am to 10pm

8:30am to 10pm

8:30am to 10pm

4pm to 10pm

The gate and car-park will be open at least 10 minutes before the opening/fishing time so that you can set your rods and flies up.  You can check in with us from the opening time then you're ready to go - take a net, find a platform and get on the water.



Catch & Keep (C&K) tickets

8 hrs - Keep first 4 Fish then C&R - £29 

6 hrs - Keep first 3 Fish then C&R - £25 

4 hrs - Keep first 2 Fish then C&R - £22

Catch & Release (C&R) tickets

8 hrs - £19

6 hrs - £17  

4 hrs - £15

Shared tickets and concessions

Tickets are also available for adult and child, instructors and students, or for couples sharing a rod and a platform.

£3 discount on all tickets for seniors (65+) on weekdays.  (Enter the coupon code 'OVER65' when in online booking)


Please note that all fishing must now be pre-booked and paid-for online
Call us for club outings and group bookings of more than 4 people
Over 65 and a weekday booking?
Use coupon code 'OVER65' to apply concession discount


Location map

Bangour Trout Fishery

Bangour Reservoir

near Dechmont, Broxburn 

West Lothian

Scotland  EH52 6GU

01506 811335

01506 811335

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